Widen your fundraising potential

In a sector where time is of the essence, developing a fundraising strategy is often overlooked. But we see this as the vital first step in your journey to widening your fundraising potential. Once you have developed a strategy based on your needs and priorities, searching for relevant funding opportunities becomes more focused and efficient.

Our services to help you to widen your fundraising potential include:

Fundraising Strategy – we will work with you to develop a strategy for raising income from a range of sources based on your priorities – this may include a combination of direct fundraising, trust fundraising, trading income, corporate sponsors etc.

Prospect Research – Our work to identify potential funding opportunities (based on your fundraising strategy) ranges from providing a one-off list of opportunities to working with you on a regular basis to identify new opportunities as they arise.

Secure more funding

Increasing your chances of securing more funding begins with clearly understanding and
communicating your case for support, which will help you to explain to potential funders
why they should fund your charity. Utilising your case for support will help you to develop
strong funding applications and appeals for support.

Our services to help you to secure more funding include:

Develop a case for support – we will work with you to develop a case for support, helping you to communicate your funding needs, how your activities meet your charitable objectives and why you should be funded. This can be used to support fundraising applications and appeals for support.

Write successful applications – whether it’s a one-off application or an ongoing need for bid writing support we can support you in writing strong applications to put you in the best chance of securing funding.

Partnership building – we can help you to identify potential partners and facilitate partner relations, such as managing the process of joint-bid applications for funding.

Communicate your impact

Charities can have a life-changing impact on the people they work with but often find it difficult to communicate their impact and the value of the work they do. Developing a theory of change helps you to clearly understand how the work you do leads to change, and collecting data against your theory of change will enable you to demonstrate this change to others. You can then communicate your impact through your impact reports to funders, your annual report and all of your other external communications.

Our services to help you to communicate your impact include:

Theory of Change development – Finding a way to communicate your charity’s impact starts with you deeply understanding this yourself. We will work with you to map out your theory of change and communicate how your work leads to impact.

Data strategy development – we can help you to develop a data collection strategy based on your theory of change so that you are collecting the data you need to demonstrate your impact.

Impact reporting – we can support in writing your impact reports to funders and your annual report.

Bespoke Consulting

Many small charities approach us to request support with issues beyond raising funds and communicating impact. Typically these bespoke consulting projects will focus on issues of governance, policy, planning, staffing and managing trustees. Thanks to the extensive experience of the bcausam team, we are often able to provide a clear set of deliverables to satisfy the clients one-off consulting needs using our independent and candid approach, moving them to a better position based on clear deliverables and clear rationale for recommendations.

Our bespoke consulting services typically include:

Trustee management – finding ways to work better with trustees, improving board agendas and meetings, recruitment, job descriptions and interviewing potential trustees.

Answering Strategic Questions – supporting chief officers of small charities to provide a structured response to a strategic question using our own experience, the statutory and voluntary guidance as well as the considerations of modern charity practice, and providing a clear and logic-based set of recommendations.

Providing one-off thinking pieces – small charities often require support in developing their thinking around new projects – often making decisions about new projects, capital ideas, property or building decisions, changes in structure and so on. We are able to support the senior teams and trustees in coming to a set of rationally-rooted decisions.



Our aim is to provide a dedicated resource for you to improve and we will never bill based on success fees, always on the value of our support.

We recognise that every charity we work has different needs and priorities so, rather than offering flat-rate packages, we operate at a daily rate. With each piece of work we do with you, we will be transparent with the cost and billing of your work in advance.

Our commitment to building your internal capacity and expertise, to reduce dependency and increase your financial sustainability.

Our aim is to build your internal capacity and expertise to reduce your need for external support. We do this by helping you to develop resources and strategies that you can use in the long-term, and helping to transform your ability to raise funds and reduce the time and
effort required to do so.

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